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Northern Isolation is a DIY experimental music festival and show promoter based in Duluth, Minnesota, run by founder Dean Berlinerblau. It serves as a vehicle for experimental art forms by putting on events in the Twin Ports that challenge the status quo and advocate complex thinking.

We are all nodes in a network. Words are powerful, and how they are used should be treated with high value and regard. It is important to consider free speech at a deep and meaningful level and to be aware of how everything you say can affect yourself, your friends, your family, your peers, your community, and the rest of society. Northern Isolation does not promote escapism, censorship, violence, nihilism, echo-chambers, or ideological indoctrination; Northern Isolation promotes mindfulness, empathy, free speech, complex thinking, the balance of chaos and order, betterment of the individual, and betterment of society through a collective energy towards a working state of growth.

The world is a vast network of ideas that spread like wildfire in the age of mass communication and digital control, and the power of ideas cannot be underestimated. It is utterly important that we choose our words carefully and wisely, understand the complexity of issues, present reasonable arguments, listen to each other to understand each other, and produce fruitful conversations that yield societal prosperity.