Northern Isolation III

AUGUST 18, 19, 20, 2017

Duluth, MN


Friday, August 18th @ Blush
18 N 1st Ave W
$5 adv / $6 door

4:50 - another heaven
4:10 - I.V.
3:30 - Gin Street

Friday, August 18th @ 315 Gallery
315 N Lake Ave
all ages
$10 adv / $12 door

9:45 - Planning For Burial
8:45 - Modify
6:45 - Ire Wolves

Saturday, August 19th @ Blush
18 N 1st Ave W
$5 adv / $6 door

2:50 - Constant Insult
2:10 - Shapeshifter
1:30 - TIFFANI

Saturday, August 19th @ 315 Gallery
315 N Lake Ave
all ages
$18 adv / $20 door

10:00 - Iron Lung
9:15 - Hive
8:30 - Sunless
7:50 - Mind Control
7:10 - The Chinchees
6:30 - Miserable Friend
5:50 - Enter/Void

Sunday, August 20th @ Blush
18 N 1st Ave W

All Ages
$5 adv / $6 door

3:00 - Ataxxia
2:30 - ethanol
2:00 - Secret Badass

Sunday, August 20th @ 315 Gallery
315 N Lake Ave
$10 adv / $12 door

9:45 - Adam Biel
9:00 - Dirty Knobs
8:15 - Cyrus Aluni
7:30 - Initial Witness
6:00 - The Allen Killian-Moore Ensemble



"The Duluth punk scene has had a huge impact on my life. Northern Isolation I was my first experience with the local scene and I instantly fell in love. I felt home. Since that show I've really found my place within the scene. I've always enjoyed taking photos, but I never quite understood the pure bliss one can receive while snapping that perfect shot in the basement of a punk house while music that makes you want to jump into a sweaty crowd filled with strangers and your best friends play. Northern isolation II marked my one year anniversary of hanging out within the local punk scene. Some of the local bands and local fans have become my best friends and favorite bands. I can't wait to see what Northern Isolation III has in store."
-Katie Powers, Duluth
"Northern Isolation is a rare and unique event located in one of the coolest and most under-appreciated cities in the tri-state area. In addition to having fantastic bands playing, there's a strong sense of community and mutual respect among the attendees and organizers. It's great to see how far Northern Isolation has come in such a short period of time."
-Drew Ailes, Minneapolis
"To see the local and regional community come out in full force was inspiring. To see what our community was capable of - in addition to the representation of other parts of North America - made this festival a communal experience different from the rest."
-Quentin Stille, Duluth
"I've been to plenty of shows with much larger budgets, fancier lights, more people, what have you, but they pale in comparison to the incredible atmosphere at NI. It will go down as one of my favorite musical memories, here's to hoping for next year!"
-Isaac Duncan, Duluth
"Thank you to Dean and The Carter for throwing this fest! My band and I had such a great experience playing. Especially with some other amazing acts, such as Lumpy and the Dumpers and Attaxxia. Overall, I had a great time and would love to see NI III happen!"
-Danny Ludwig, Duluth
"Thank you so much for putting this on and for pushing experimental music here in the Twin Ports."
-Jamie Larson, Duluth




Northern Isolation III is seeking volunteers to help with crucial aspects of the festival before, during, and after the event. We rely on volunteers from the local community for this event to happen successfully. Your contribution is much appreciated and all volunteers will receive a weekend pass to Northern Isolation III and a t-shirt. See below for more information.  Please indicate your area(s) of interest and fill out the form below.
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Northern Isolation III is seeking donations from local businesses of breakfast, lunch, dinner, beer, liquor, and bottled water for the staff and performers, coffee for the staff, performers and attendees, and water for the attendees. All sponsors will have their logo on the festival promotional poster as well as a promotional description of their business in the festival brochure, which will be distributed to all attendees and performers.
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VENDOR opportunities

Northern Isolation III is seeking both food trucks to park outside of venues and food stands to setup inside of venues. Preferably you offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. All vendors will be able to sell product free of charge.
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